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Homeschooling is…


Homeschooling is…..

*Listening to books on CD, classical music, Ella Fitzgerald, The Beatles, Celtic music around St. Patrick’s Day, and learning songs while you’re driving in the car.

*Reciting scripture and singing a hymn before dinner

*Bagging your normal routine to go build birdhouses with your elderly neighbor down the street.

*Bagging your normal routine because a friend invited you guys to tag along to an exhibit at an art gallery.

*Bagging your normal routine because someone got sick/was up all night teething/you’re burned out, and instead reading books and watching learning shows all day.


*Sticking to your normal routine, and grinding out all the grammar practice, math flash cards, and handwriting practice, even when the kids are whinning.

*Turning up Pandora and dancing with the kids in the kitchen because everyone needs a brain break.

*Biting your tongue as your emergent reader takes roughly 20 minutes to read a BOB book.

*Putting your arm around your 7-year-old who is near tears after getting every word wrong on her spelling test, and comforting her in your best “Miss Frizzel” voice, “Get messy, make mistakes!”

*Rolling your eyes and letting out an exasperated sigh when your 9-year-old can’t remember ANYTHING from what you just read him, seeing the embarrassment and hurt in his eyes, and apologizing.

*Pushing them outside and telling them not to come in for 30 minutes. Enough time that they’ll inevitably come up with something creative to do outside.

*Test tubes, pipettes, and safety glasses. It’s recording the goings on in an ant farm, hatching monarch egg butterflies, and charting the growth of a tulip bulb you’re sprouting inside.

*Bringing your math books to the auto repair shop and working while your swagger-wagon gets fixed.

*Old t-shirt paint smocks, yogurt lid pallets, construction paper, and glitter. It’s Youtube videos about Van Gogh, Matisse, and Pollock. It’s collecting plastic bottles rom neighbors for weeks for an art project.

*Infinite trips to the library and struggling under the weight of so many library books as you stagger to the van.

*Connecting with other moms and families who are just as crazy as you are.

There is no perfect way to homeschool, but a million ways to make it great. That’s what I really love about homeschooling- it looks different for every single family. And it should! Every family-every child- is unique, and deserves the freedom to learn and grow as need be. There is no one size fits all, even in the same family, even on a day-to-day basis! It’s messy, frustrating, beautiful, exhilarating and personal.

The End

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