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    Why We Homeschool

    I went to public school all my life, and loved it! Of course there were ups and downs and things that weren’t perfect about going to public school, but overall, I thrived in the system. When I went to college, I even got my degree in Elementary Education, so I could be a teacher in the public school system!


    Homeschooling my future children was probably the farthest thing from my mind. I don’t ever remember meeting someone who had been home-schooled, but in my mind, I knew for a fact that they were all weirdos; non-socialized, behind-the-curve, weirdos. So imagine my surprise when I fall in love with my husband, and find out that he was homeschooled most years! Then I meet his wonderful family, and they are all homeschooled, and -get this- not weird. Crazy, right?

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    Educating the Whole Child

    Our first official year of homeschooling went much better than expected. I had been so nervous to start, but once we got into a groove, it went remarkably well. So well in fact that when the end of May rolled around, I had no desire to stop! My kids didn’t seem burned out at all either, so I decided to continue schooling right through the summer.

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    Today I…..


    *6:30 Alarm goes off and is conveniently silenced. The burning feeling in my eyeballs tells me that I may have stayed up too late last night… Lindy climbs in bed with me, asks me to make her some dinner (breakfast) and quickly falls asleep again, snuggled close to me.

    *7:30 The other kids are beginning to stir, so I face the inevitable. But not before retreating to the bathroom to, besides the obvious, delay the morning by checking stuff on my phone and deciding what we will be having for breakfast. I get so sick of deciding what every meal is going to be. Anyone else?

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    I never once thought of myself as a yeller. I can’t remember one time in my existence that my parents ever yelled at me, and I fancied myself a pretty calm person.   So me as a parent would equal a relaxed, soft-voiced mother. Simple.  And then I had kids.